About Us

Dowel Worx Past, Present, and Future


1983_____________Began dowel and woodworking experience

1990_____________Patented first hand-held dowel inserter

1992_____________Patented first CNC bore and dowel insertion machine

1993_____________Patented pre-glued dowel, pioneered formula for pre-glued dowel

1993_____________Patented process for coating pre-glued dowel

1994_____________Pre-glued dowel was a Challenger's Award finalist

1994_____________Patented composite dowel

2012_____________Started engineering design for our completely automated facility

Today____________Producing millions of dowels, all SFI and FSC certified, all made in America


  • We assisted AWI with pre-glued dowel specifications and pull strength standards

  • We commissioned and worked with Western Michigan University to determine pull test standards

  • With our process, one employee can fully produce over 500,000 completed dowel pins per shift

  • Our goal is to get to 1 million dowel pins per shift, per employee

  • We are currently producing 6mm & 8mm dowels - other sizes in the future

  • We have a proprietary wood source that is SFI and FSC certified

  • We produce the most consistent and best tolerance dowel pins in the industry (see tech page)

  • All of our products are made in America

  • All of our production machines are made in house, in America

  • Our process is completely automated with computer controlled production lines